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Frequently Asked Questions
What kinds of audio formats do you accept?

Wise Transcription Associates, LLC can transcribe from all your file formats, including WAV, MP3, CD, DVD, audio and video tapes.

What if I have a digital sound file?

Sending sound files to Wise Transcriptions is quick and easy. Go to Upload Files in the main menu and follow the instructions. Alternatively, your digital sound file can be uploaded to our secure ftp site. Call for instructions and password.

In what formats are finished transcripts delivered?

The finished transcript will be delivered in Microsoft Word, as an email attachment. We can also accommodate requests for a hard copy.

How are finished transcripts delivered?

The finished transcripts are sent as an email attachment.

How are errors handled?

Professional editors thoroughly proofread every transcript before it is delivered. However, sometimes errors do occur. If notified of an error, we will make corrections and re-send the transcript immediately.

When is payment due?

To expedite turnaround for our clients, we do not require an initial deposit. Accordingly, payment is due upon receipt of our invoice.

What is your turnaround time?

We guarantee a 5 business day turnaround. However, we will work within your deadline, and we are happy to expedite transcripts for an additional fee.

What do you do with tapes and DVDs that have been transcribed?”

Tapes are held for two weeks and then destroyed. DVDs are held indefinitely. If it is your preference to have tapes and DVDs returned, you will be billed for postage.

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